The First SBA “All Small Mentor-Protégé Program” Relationship

M. R. Crafts, Inc. (Protégé ) and EcoWater Systems, Inc. (Mentor)

Safe Fountain System



M. R. Crafts and EcoWater offer the Safe Fountain System: a new standard for drinking water fountain purity. Safe Fountain is a patented and certified point of use filtration technology that  removes lead, pathogens, and chemicals.


Safe Fountain is NSF certified to reduce contaminants:


  • NSF 53 – Certified for 99.3% lead (both colloidal and dissolved  lead) and VOC removal.
  • NSF  P231 –  Certified for 99.9% bacteria, virus and cysts removal.


The Safe Fountain System uses two patented technologies: MetSorb®, a unique absorber that captures lead, and FACT®  particulate filters to remove fine particles and prevent system fouling.


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